21st Century Dental Vision— a Triumph in Clarity

To see, or not to see? The choice is clear! In fact the choice is EverClear™!

This revolutionary marvel of Swiss precision micro-technology lets dentists clearly see for the first time all operative procedures, without interruptions.

Gone are the days of constantly wiping handpiece spray and debris from a dental mirror. Gone are worries about the assistant’s air spray keeping the mirror clean. No longer will dentists twist their backs and necks to get a direct view of the tooth, when a spray-covered mirror stops serving its purpose.

Say goodbye to stress which comes from poor visibility.
Say hello to higher quality dentistry and time savings.
Say welcome to clear images, clear minds and clear skies.
EverClear™ by I-DENT— experience the extraordinary!


  • confidently cut the most challenging preparations with continuous clear vision
  • see as never before during ultrasonic scaling
  • eliminate stress + eyestrain with constant visibility
  • experience time savings and increased productivity


  • EverClear™ spins away debris and spray while you finish restorations
  • cordless, with rechargeable batteries
  • autoclavable, ergonomically balanced instrument
  • micromagnetics allow instant change of double sided mirrors, which are floating on space age ceramic ball bearings

By Now The Possibilities Are EverClear™